Outfit Post: I'm Very Yellow + Are YOU a Colorphobe?

Monday, April 7, 2014


A year ago, I would have looked at this outfit and said "it's cute...but it's too loud to wear".
Well, I wore it. Applause.
SO many people are afraid of color, and I'm no longer one of them. I think the biggest reason why is because people would rather be unnoticed or are afraid of their body type (different topic, different post...coming soon).  Not everyone loves color. Understandable. I was at Target with my boyfriend recently, wearing the brightest cobalt blue tights ever with this same skirt. A lady walks past me with her friend and says I look terrible.
What do I say to that? That's okay! (But she's terribly rude. Being mean is NOT okay.) Not everyone needs to love my style. I don't seek compliments or stares. I am expressing myself through what I wear, and everyone else is free to do the same.
In fact, when I worked at JCPenney over this past summer, I would always encourage customers to stay away from wearing all neutrals, and they would just look at me with horror. After basically talking them into trying on something colorful, they'd come out with a half-pleased, half-scared expression immediately seeking my approval. COME ON! It's just simple, really....Don't be afraid to wear what you want and be who you want to be. We only get one life, so if you want to wear neon head-to-toe, DO IT. There is no such thing as "this color/style/pattern wouldn't look good on me".

PS- I'm wearing my FAVORITE glasses from Rivet & Sway. They have high quality frames & the most unique variety. Check them out, you'll love them! Also, Kristin Miles is the designer of my sweater (link below) & has had some clothes on ModCloth. Check her site out too- my fellow plus-sized girls will appreciate her clothes.

Glasses- Rivet & Sway// Sweater- ModCloth via Kristin Miles //Skirt- Thrifted ( I know, right? blue houndstooth all day!)// Tights & Shoes- Merona Target

PSS- I do not get paid to give rave reviews about any designer/store/product. It is all based on my personal opinion + shopping addiction.

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