Saturday, May 24, 2014

On Self-Confidence

Outfit Details: Glasses: Coastal// Top: Tie for First Top in Lilac from ModCloth (on sale!)// Skirt: Fun and Games Skirt from ModCloth (on sale!)// Shoes: bait footwear
A few months ago, I wanted so desperately to be able to take pictures of myself and not feel super self-conscious. When my lovely boyfriend was snapping my pic the other day, I felt that self-consciousness setting in slowly because I couldn't get a shot I liked. Being body positive is really important to me and definitely hits home because as a girl who was never "thin" by any definition, I always lacked the self-confidence to be comfortable with myself.
I am lucky to have family, a boyfriend, and friends who love and accept me the way I am, no matter if I'm 20 lbs heavier or lighter than I am right now. Participating in social media has exposed me to the love (and hate) that others are just waiting to give you. I ignore the rude people who have their own agenda in making others feel bad about their self-image, because my life will not be lessened by words strung together by some self-proclaimed keyboard warrior. I have found some seriously inspiring people through instagram, ModCloth's Style Gallery, pinterest, twitter, etcetc, that have helped boost my confidence. But, I've come to realize that it is my choice whether or not I feel good about myself. 
One of my biggest "me" projects this summer will be really focusing on getting rid of that stupid naysayer inside myself that instantly singles out the 10 things I hate about my body in shorts. Rather, I will find something that I love about myself and say it until it sinks in. Sometimes we are our own worst enemy, and I'm done being mine.

PS- This little bunny was laying right behind me in the brush while I was taking pictures, once I noticed him, he sat up and basically posed for the camera!
I hope you all have a safe + long holiday weekend!

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Summer Goals

Every year, just like a New Year's Resolution, I make a mental list of what I want to do in the summer, because I know after college I won't really have a "free" summer. So, I want to soak up all the adventure and fun I can now because it will be at a lower dosage in about a year after graduation. 

Here goes my "must do" summer list, 2014 edition:
1. Plan a trip with my boyfriend (done- we're going to Myrtle Beach in August!)
2. Sell $1000 worth of vintage on my eBay shop (hey etsy sellers, should I switch over?)
3. Go camping!
4. Be less critical of myself.
5. Blog + collaborate with some of my awesome, creative friends.
6. Vespa more. Yes, it is a noun and a verb.
7. See JASON MRAZ in concert for the 4th time later on this summer (his new album is coming out in July!!!)
8. Learn more songs on my ukulele.
9. Gain my confidence back when walking in heels ( I had a serious spill last year and haven't touched them since- so many cute shoes not being worn!)
10. Be present in the here and now.


Outfit Details// Glasses: Coastal// Necklace: 31bits// Sweater: Old Navy// Skirt: Ikebana for All Skirt in Floral from ModCloth // Basket: Vintage!// Shoes: Target
PS- What are some of your summer goals?

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Meet My Scooter!

My senior year of high school, I went on a trip to Universal Studios in Orlando and had the pleasure of staying at the Portofino hotel. The Portofino hotel is almost an exact replica of the coastal Portofino, Italy... the hotel itself is gorgeous, there are boats anchored down in the little "bay", a gelato place to die for, and....Vespas. Everywhere.
(Me in 2009, falling in love with a vintage Vespa)
And so my love affair with scooters began. Particularly, Vespas. A couple years ago I decided to embrace the quote "do one thing a day that scares you". So, I saved up, bought a scooter, and then got my motorcycle license so I could be street legal, yo.

{Outfit Details// Glasses: Warby Parker// Dress: Ride Here, Right Now Dress in Bicycles // Cardi: Old Eloquii // Flats: Merona }
If you're wondering, 'does she really ride this around freaking Youngstown, OH?'...your answer is yes. And the Harley riders love me.
If you're wondering, ' does she wear adorable dresses and flats when she rides?'...your answer is hell no. I wear a full faced helmet, an awesome padded trench coat (from Italy, no less) and usually I'm wearing capris or pants, with boots. I'm so not into becoming roadkill one day.
I seriously encourage every person to do something that scares them yet sets them free at the same time. For me, it's two wheels, a red steel frame, and the wind (not in my hair, I WEAR A HELMET!)

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year Is Not Christmas

So contrary to popular belief, Christmas is NOT the most wonderful time of the year. The most wonderful time of the year is the end of spring semester. Walking out of my last final of the semester seriously made me want to fist pump and jump for joy all at once.

I haven't had the time to blog, take pictures, or even think about doing either one. So I'm really glad to be back after a tiny break. I have a lot of hope that this summer will be a really good one. I've started selling vintage clothing on eBay and getting back in touch with my creative side, after a long semester of feeling drained.
A few weeks ago, I started a free 30 day trial with Gwynnie Bee, an online miracle where you can fill a virtual closet with beautiful clothing sizes 10-32 and then they send you 1-3 (with the free trial, more if you are an actual subscriber) pieces of clothing. The best part is, you get to send them back whenever you want. I literally have not worn the same thing since I started...Needless to say, I'm loving it. If you haven't tried GB, do, now.

Outfit Details: Dress: Gwynnie Bee (Kristin Miles)// Cardigan: ModCloth// Sandals: Thrifted (!!!)///Glasses: Rivet & Sway
Tomorrow (Friday) is National Bike to Work day...and while it's really unsafe for me to bike to work around where I live, I will be riding my Vespa and introducing Vivi  (yes, that's her name) to my blog :) !!!

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