I'm All Black + Blue...

Thursday, June 12, 2014

 It has been insanely muggy lately...and if any of you have thick hair...you feel me. I'm not complaining though, I could do muggy over freezing any day.
A lot of people say black + blue in any combo is a fashion don't. I'm really starting to think that most of the style tips that folks have been listening to for years and years are lies. Straight lies. I might even dare to say that navy blue and black would look pretty amazing together.
But anyways, my glasses print top made a long work day a teeny bit better... And maybe the fact that this amazing maxi skirt is made of jersey material and feels like PJ's.
Outfit: Glasses: Olsenboye for JCP// Top: Liz Claiborne for JCP on sale! // Maxi Skirt: a.n.a. on sale!.// Wedges: Target 
Pro Tip: Tie up your maxi skirt for a whole new look!
1. Gather the fabric according to the length you want it.
2. Tie it in a knot.
3. Tuck in your excess back into your knot and ta-da! Donezo.


  1. Love the look, I've never thought of tying maxi skirts but it gives it a whole new islandy look! Also I love anything glasses printed! So adorable!

  2. I feel you with the hair thing. I have thick, frizzy, curly hair as it is..and with all the raining and 90 degree temperatures going on around here, my hair is going nuts. Also, I love the print on your top! So cute!

  3. I'm pretty sure I love your top! Looks so retro. :)


  4. I hate those old school fashion rules. They're lame, and meant to be broken. What about no white pants after Labor Day? Who in the hell wears white pants?

    I love the styling here, and that your shortened the skirt. Looks cute and comfy!


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