Wednesday, July 30, 2014

A Lazy T-Shirt DIY

Today, I'm celebrating two huge accomplishments. 1) The only DIY project I've done in one sitting and 2) The second DIY ever on my blog. Woohoo! To be honest, I have a very short fuse when it comes to projects because I either get bored with them, realize they take too long, include a lot of power tools, etc. I promise to only post things here that I actually do from start to finish so long as I'm not fighting the urge to toss it in the trash at the end (which should provide reassurance that you absolutely can do them, too).

Here's what you'll need:
An Idea
Fabric "Crayons" (I used these from Pentel -$4)
T-Shirt ($2.25)
A piece of white printer paper

1: Wash your shirt

2: Pick Your Design: I was inspired by a shirt in a clothing store for my design, but I didn't want to buy their version of it because it was WHITE (read: stain magnet) and it had gray arrows. You can either create a stencil for your design or you can wing it, like me. Some people call this freehand, but I think that's a little too professional sounding for my own drawing skills.

 *If you mess up, wash it off, it's not permanent until you iron over it.*

3: Draw to your heart's content and then get out your clean sheet of white paper, plug in your iron (use a dry, medium setting) and iron over your design once for about 10-15 seconds. This makes it permanent.

You'll notice that the paper has some of your design on it and you might start to freak out like I did. But no, you did not melt it and it will all be okay and now you're DONE! 

I decided to be a little bit of an overachiever and cut my crew neck into a V-neck, shorten the shirt, braid the extra cloth, and attach that to the neckline. Phew. That tutorial is for another day, my friends.

Outfit Details: Glasses:*// Tee- Jerzees from Joann's // Skirt: (actually a dress) Charlotte Ronson for JCP // Heels: Old Navy

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Let's Go Outside

One of the HARDEST things for me is adapting my style for a day spent largely in the great outdoors (hey mosquitos! hey bees!). It's been strangely on the cool and rainy side for an Ohio summer as of late, and I decided to break out the booties and wear my new sweater yesterday to go hiking and golf cart riding with my sister.

Outfit Details: Glasses: Warby Parker// Sweater: Umgee USA*// Tank: old Eloquii// Jeans: Torrid// Booties: ModCloth similar // Bow: Thrifted scarf
The back of my sweater is my favorite and I wish I would've had it when I went to go see Paul McCartney earlier this month! During one of his encores, he actually came out waving both British and American flags and then played three more songs, it was magical. I'll post some photos soon of his concert, maybe even a video :)

Friday, July 25, 2014

Vespa Style

When I first bought my Vespa, I realized that the "idea" of being a rider and the "reality" are way different. The idea is that you can wear pretty much anything on a scooter (skirt, dress, tank top) because, well, it's a scooter not a chopper. The reality is that if you and the road ever become one, a skirt is not what you'll want to be wearing when you take the fall.
I knew I still wanted to be able to look good on my Vespa. You can't put a fashion obsessed girl in a head-to-toe fully padded street bike outfit and expect her to feel feminine, even if it is the safest bet. (Also, a bright red scooter doesn't really mix well with motorcycle road gear-lol). I put my own still- very-safe spin on outfits when I'm cruising around, and here's what I wear when I'm riding my Vespa:

Outfit Details: Glasses: Warby Parker// Faux Leather Jacket: Levi's- similar // Top: Umgee*-find their clothing here at Blondellamy'Dean and here at Be Inspired boutique// Capris: Torrid on sale// Helmet: HJC// Wedges: Target
Have a beautiful weekend, lovelies :)

PS-  If you follow me on the 'gram, you'd know I'm looking to hire custom blog designer for my blog...lookin' to spruce the place up a little. If you know of someone (maybe you!) who can do it, e-mail me: angvaughn13(at) yahoo (dot) com or leave a comment! Thank you in advance!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014


Hey everyone! I had my eye on this dress from ModCloth since around March/April when I first saw it on their site. During their awesome 50% off sale, I snagged it for like $28 but they only had it in one size up from my normal. It's cotton, so I figured I'd wash it in warm water and then dry it on high and it would shrink. It worked!
This week, I'm packing for my trip to Myrtle Beach (!!!), and I'm planning on doing a thrift haul YouTube video with all of the goodies I've hoarded since the beginning of summer from thrift stores.  AND I'm searching around for a new bathing suit to take to the beach! Suggestions, anyone?!

Outfit: Hat: Forever 21// Glasses: c/o Dress: Taking on Tulsa Dress in Pennyfarthings, sold out :(
I hope you all have a lovely Tuesday :)

Thursday, July 17, 2014

I Don't Sacrifice Comfort for Style

Hello! I've been pretty MIA on the social media scene lately, I caught a nasty cold last Friday and I'm just now getting over it nearly a week later. The transition from pajamas to 'normal people clothes' is especially tough when you're still getting over being sick and living on cough drops and soup. Today, I pulled myself out of my bed and got dressed in the comfiest dress I have by Umgee. It's a super soft jersey material and it's actually not clingy at all, which is rare for jersey...and the crochet detail made me kinda feel like I was a really cool Cali girl...Talk about the ultimate pick-me-up. I went to a little Italian festival today and even though I'm still a little sniffly, I felt good. Sometimes when I dress up I just FEEL better, how about you?

Outfit Details: Glasses: c/o Coastal // Dress: c/o Umgee // Wedges: BCBG

Friday, July 11, 2014

What Do Elephants and Penguins Have in Common?

Well, they are both on my dress- haha. That was suuuuper lame, sorry. But! I love this random animal/ bug printed ASOS dress I bought specifically for vacation in Milwaukee, but forgot in my laundry room the night before. So here I am wearing it for a casual date night in. It's a tiny bit on the short side for me (I'm 5'5") but I actually don't mind it because it's so darn comfortable. The print is elephants, cheetahs, butterflies, and penguins.
Oh and thank you, garbage cans...for making an appearance in my outfit photos.

Outfit details: Dress: ASOS Curve- similar // Wedge Sandals: Thrifted// Headband: F21// Glasses: Warby Parker

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

What's In My Bag?: Commuter Fashion Student Edition

The #modsummer challenge has inspired this blog post today!
As most of you probably know, I'm a fashion merchandising student at the wonderful Kent State University. I feel very grateful to be a part of the awesome program there, the program is actually rated the #2 for best fashion school in the U.S. this year next to FIT in NYC. It's the real deal.
However, I've found that dorm life isn't really my thing, so I commute. My morning commute is only about 30 minutes and since I ride my Vespa, I have to pack smart & light. I use my 15" green leather satchel from Zatchels (woo, say that 5x fast) to stash all of my essentials:
Glasses: Can't see without 'em, obviously a necessity. I love my new ones from Coastal!
Scarf: I love the vintage one I got from amermaidscloset on Instagram, I use it to keep my hair tame when I have my helmet on!
Coffee tumbler: I'm a college student. Enough said.
Fun notebook and pens/pencils: For taking notes like a champ.
Watch: I'm always strolling in at least a couple minutes late (sorry, profs), but it's cute and it has a map on it. AND it was only $4. Get it from Amazon here!
Camera: I keep my smaller Nikon Coolpix with me because Kent has a really beautiful campus worthy of a quick snapshot.

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Vespadventures + The Fourth of July

I was in no way prepared for this year's Fourth of July festivities. I ended up throwing a bunch of red, white & blue items into a duffel bag, packing them into my Vespa and driving off to my family's cabin to spend the weekend. It's such a pretty ride out here and I almost wished that I had a GoPro recording my drive.
The dress I'm wearing is my very first dress from ModCloth and it's an infinity dress, which means there are a million ways to style it (but also a million ways for me to get frustrated and rip it off everytime I go to wear it, haha). I bought my striped top from NY & Co. before I left for WI for $13-score! Luckily, the dress tied pretty well as a skirt and I looked very proud to be an American, lol.
Anywayssss, I'm in the market for a new camera/lens. What kind of DSLR cameras would you ladies suggest? I have a Nikon D60 right now and suggestions would be wonderful!
I hope you all had an amazing & safe Fourth of July- enjoy the rest of the weekend!


Tuesday, July 1, 2014

I'm Back Home + I Have Awesome News!

I'm finally back home! YAY! And I hope you were following along via instagram on my kind of hilarious road trip home, where we ended up in Michigan by mistake. But, never fear, navigators Siri + Josh, my boyfriend, ensured that we made it home safely.
These outfit pictures were taken at Strawberry Fest in Cedarburg, WI. It was such a cute little festival where the main theme was (duh) strawberries. I thought the skirt was kind of fitting for this occasion, although I had nothing strawberry themed. BUT! I do have this amazing vintage strawberry printed dress up for sale on my eBay store. I just recently restocked my shop and it's totes cute, so I hope someone snags it!
Soooo, my fantastic news is that I did an interview over on Sammi's blog, the soubrette brunette. She is seriously so lovely, and I admired her way before I ever started blogging. Thank you, Sammi, for featuring me in your monthly blogger interview! Go check her out if you haven't already been oohing and ahh-ing over her style.
Outfit Details: Top & Skirt: ASOS Curve// Shoes: Baretraps// Bag: Fossil// Watch: Relic// Sunglasses: Zenni Optical