Come Meet Lovely Lauren Blair!

Friday, August 8, 2014

Hey friends, today I'd like to introduce this awesome girl I met through Instagram, Lauren Blair! She's the queen of cute shoes and her outfits are always super colorful and inspiring. (Not to mention her wonderful collection of vintage clothing). She's genuine, funny, really sweet & I'm so glad we're friends. Read on and then go check out her new blog!

When the oh-so-lovely Angela asked me to guest blog for her (yay!), I decided I needed to pick an oh-so-lovely dress to showcase for the occasion! But which one? As any dress collector and/or fashion blogger knows, it's incredibly hard to pick favorites amongst a sea of cherished pieces of clothing. Then it dawned on me that I have this particularly special dress that I've so far only worn once, despite that I bring it every time I travel somewhere (it somehow gets beat by other pieces that seem more appropriate for whatever reason).  

Before I go into the details of the dress, let me properly introduce myself! My name is Lauren Blair and I am a Denver, CO based fashion blogger (currently on a new & possibly temporary link: and my Instagram is @demurelaurenblair). Like Angela, I enjoy more classic clothing and dresses that are often from ModCloth! (I believe we even met via Modcloth hashtags on Instagram!) I try to mix in classic and vintage fashion with some fun and somewhat modern twists. Having way too many clothes and realizing I have a passion for matching shoes to bag to patterns etc inspired me to start fashion blogging.

What is this dress? It's a dress from ModCloth (brand is Muse) that is unfortunately no longer available called the Delray Beach dress. It reminds me of the colors of historic Miami (I went to college there) and I fell in love with this piece in 2013. It's a somewhat conservative cut with the thicker shoulders (very first lady like in my opinion), but the fun pattern makes it more youthful.  When it went on sale post holidays I was able to snag one up! The event I wore it to was the only state side exhibition of a collection of Grace Kelly's dresses ("From Philadelphia to Monaco"-I'm also from the Philadelphia area and a die hard Grace Kelly fan). I have since brought it with me to Miami in May and back to Philly last month, but it's a slightly heavier material so depending on how hot out it is or how worried about tan lines I am, this dress somehow keeps getting beat out by other items I own. That said, this is one of my favorite dresses and I consider it an investment piece due to it's conservative nature, as it will grow with me as I age and it is easy to pair with a cardigan for fall/winter/spring.  

My also oh-so-lovely friend Sarah snapped a few pictures of me wearing this dress from a few different angles (along with my new super discounted Chinese Laundry lilac heels via Amazon that came in the mail the night before!) while visiting her and her adorable baby one rainy afternoon here in Colorado-hence the indoor shoot and somewhat wonky lighting/edited pictures. I'm excited for another occasion to wear this dress out and about and loved getting an excuse to show it off here on Angela's blog! Thank-you to Angela for sharing me with her readers, and thank-you Angela's readers for reading!



  1. Such a lovely dress. I will have to check out your blog :)

    Theatricality by Mariah

  2. Yay! Fabulous as usual! Great dress!

  3. Thank-you again, Angela! XOXOXOXO

  4. How cute! I will definitely be checking out your blog and instagram, Lauren!

    Michaela || The Monogrammed Midwesterner

  5. She is so darling! And I love that dress on her so much! (:

  6. hi! such a cute dress! and shoes! I cant really wear heels for very long so end up wearing flats with dresses which can look a tad frumpy..oh well at least I'm comfy!


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