Friday Frames: Collegiate Edition

Friday, August 22, 2014

Hi there! So, Monday is my first day back at college for fall semester. I'm feeling half excited and half anxious to return to school (am I the only one who still gets first day jitters?). Every semester I like to "reinvent" myself...Which really means, buy a cool new pair of glasses. Mornings are tricky for me, so I often choose a set of specs that pack a punch style-wise, but can also go with just about everything in my closet.
Help me pick a new pair for back to school!

The first pair of glasses I ever ordered online came from Warby Parker a few years ago, so I know these would be awesome. I love these because they aren't too round (no Ben Franklin effect) and the frame is this really cool "Oak Barrel" color. Super Jess Day.

When I found out that Keiko Lynn collaborated with BonLook, I knew there would be some amazing Cateye shapes involved. These make my heart flutter with excitement, for real. The color is "Miku Mint", named after her precious dog, how cool are they?!
Retro Eyeworks has been on my radar for some time, because they are amazingly budget-friendly. I love a simple, black frame that has a little somethin' on the side.
Let me know which pair I should get in the comments and I'll be wearing them in an outfit post soon!
Let's be friends everywhere :)


  1. I love love love the tortoise shell glasses. They look good with anything. And I love the cateye ones, but those might be more like special occasion ones.

    I've always felt a little felt out on the whole glasses thing. I'm happy for my 20/20 vision, but they look like such a cute accessory to have. :) I think that might be partly why I'm obsessed with sunglasses. Lol.

    And you're making me yearn for my college days a little bit. Ahh, college was a pain in the ass sometimes, but I miss it a lot now. (It's hard to believe I've already been out four years.) Make the most of it, grrrl!

  2. I definitely say go for the cat eye design.

  3. School starts back up for me on Monday as well (but I only have classes on Tuesday and Thursday, haha!) I personally love the cat eye frames, and I think they will compliment your style very well (:

  4. I LOVE the cat eye ones! I've also been looking for new eyeglass frames, and I'm pretty set on getting a cat-eye design. They are so trendy and cute! Good luck on your first day at school! (I also start Monday... blah. Haha)

    xo, Serli

  5. I love those first frames, they would be perfect for back to school! xx

  6. I love the warby parker ones for the ultimate collegiate look but as you know I myself am a fan of the cat eye and ordered them the other day!

  7. Omg..."No Ben Franklin effect." Lmfao.

    I think they'd all look good on you!

  8. Come on, no more Warbyparker glasses. I had bad experience last month. Strongly recommend GlassesShop. You can select from different styles, colors and sizes with affordable prices. Also, they are safe, cheap, durable and of course high in quality.


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