Sometimes I fall off of my bike

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Helloooo! So many of you know that I had my first day of fall semester on Monday (as a junior-woooo!). I get so anxious-excited-nervous for the first day of classes, I feel like a kindergartener sometimes. I took my bicycle up to Kent with me because my fashion class is at one end of the campus, and statistics is at the other end. It's about a 25 minute walk, and I only have 15 minutes to do it.
So, as I'm getting off of my bike, my leg catches the bag on the back and I took a hard fall. People behind me, in front of me, and on the road next to me were all looking/giggling. I couldn't help but laugh at my own state of clumsiness and walk away as if it never happened.
I think I needed that 'ice breaker', in a way, to remind myself that I can only be myself. And what I am is clumsy as hell and sometimes really awkward. But I don't think I needed the nasty bruise that came with the lesson.
I'm really excited about biking around campus though, and I want to know if any of you commute by bicycle? Any funny/awkward stories? Details!

Outfit Details// Helmet: Nutcase Helmets // Glasses: Coastal // Top: Umgee Plus * // Skirt: old Eloquii // Ring: Torrid // Bow Headband: Dolla store, yo


  1. I wish I had a funny story for you, oh wait, I do.
    When my husband and I lived in our little (micro) town apartment we had major car problems aka both our cars decided to go to the junkyard in the sky at the same time. We opted to get bikes rather than fixing up crap buckets of cars. I hadn't ridden a bike since I was a child so he had to teach me again in the apartment parking lot. I had chosen a big a** pink cruiser bike that looks like a full size of a little girl's bike. I'm sure the neighbors wondered about us when he was running along behind me holding my seat as I pedaled and screamed down the parking lot. We both rode to work for many years and even now when it isn't 100 degrees we love to take bike rides together. It has always been a special part of our relationship.

    1. omg, I love your story! That's soooo sweet that your husband taught you how to ride a bike! I wish my area was more bicycle-friendly...even for my Vespa it's hard, such a car community. What do you ride now?!

    2. I still have my beautiful cruiser but currently I ride a vintage Schwinn, I wanted a road bike since that what my hubby has currently too. Our area isn't very safe for bikes or scooters either. I walk most places now and I still almost get hit daily. Once I crocheted a bike, I wanted to make sure people saw me.

  2. I love that your hair accessory matches your top that is so cute! I'm just like you I get so excited about the first day of school! I get all giddy and I can't sleep the night before, I just can't wait to see all my friends!!

    Love Rhiannon

  3. Oh my gosh! I'm glad you didn't hurt yourself too badly. I had my first day of college this week as well, and, as I was getting to leave in the morning, I realized that someone had cut my bike lock. Fortunately, they didn't steal my bike, but that means I have been walking everywhere. My body is so sore! I guess the exercise can't hurt. Also, I love your helmet!

  4. Could you be any cuter? I love this outfit! The color combination is too adorable. And I'm glad you're okay!

  5. I adore this outfit! The colors are like the inside of a watermelon, and the textures and cuts are really lovely together - this is how you keep summer alive with fall around the corner! The perfect thing to wear to fashion class :) Your helmet (yay!) and bike are also adorable.

    I'm glad your bike mishap didn't lead to a worse injury than it did, and that it served as a reminder that life shouldn't be taken too seriously. I've always lived in too big a city to feel comfortable commuting by bike, but props to you for doing it! I biked a bunch while visiting a friend in the Netherlands this past June, and I had an awkward moment when I turned too quickly and had two options: crash into the street or swerve in front of some oncoming Dutch bicyclists. I chose the latter option, thinking it would be less likely to result in my death. The people were shocked and a little mad, but no one got hurt and I apologized profusely in English. They probably just went away thinking "these American tourists don't even know how to ride bikes properly!" which in my case was pretty true.


  6. Girl, that first photo is breath taking! Seriously. So gorgeous. And it's totally awesome that you bike your way around campus. My school is reeeeally tiny (like, probably smaller than your average High School), so I don't really need a bike to get around, but a girl can dream! And I love your helmet and the flowers on your handle bars (: so cute!

  7. There are so many things I am in love with; first your absolutely adorable outfit, your headband with the bows, your high-low skirt, and the flowers on your bike! I certainly didn't look that cute on my first day of school, haha. I love the first photo, it's so vintage and whimsical! The color scheme of your outfit is perfect, the mint and coral plus a pop of yellow is one of my favorite combinations. I'm glad you weren't too hurt after your fall! Trust me, I can be totally awkward too especially when I'm nervous hahaha.

    xo, Serli

  8. I love your outfit! The colors look good on you. Enjoy school but take lots of care especially if you're gonna ride the bicycle most of the time to get to your classes. I know how to ride a bike but I never tried commuting using it. It's dangerous to use it here in the Philippines coz traffic is always bad. lol

    Anyway dear, was wondering if you wanna follow each other? Just let me know if you followed me via GFC, Bloglovin or Facebook and I would gladly return the favor. Hope to keep in touch! ♥

  9. I'm glad you weren't hurt. This is a cutie of an outfit.

  10. I love everything about this post!!!! You look adorable, your clumsiness is cute, and i admire people who can laugh at themselves because it's something that doesn't come naturally to me and i am trying not to be so serious all the time. Sorry about the bruise though :(

    Enjoy this lovely semester!!!

    ~ tirzah grace

  11. It's good you didn't get hurt too bad. I love the colors on your outfit.

  12. Getting around campus on a bike is a great idea but so sorry about your tumble! I wish I could bike to work but it is too far away. Love your cute outfit! The colors are fabulous and bold! Just what I like!


  13. Love love love your first day outfit! This is my first year not in school and I miss it so very much! Have a great start to your semester!


  14. You are so freaking adorable. I cannot get over it! I always hear great things about Kent. I never had the bravery to ride a bike (or a scooter) to class. Just walked or took the light rail.

    Pittsburgh is extremely hilly, has all kinds of extreme weather and isn't the most bike friendly place, making it such an intimidating place to bike. Kudos to you to taking advantage of your pair of wheels!

    And hope you have a great semester. Enjoy it, grrrl!

  15. Adorable as always! (Sorry it took a second to read your post!!) If it's any consolation, I have about a million stories of myself falling down and making jokes about it to break the ice lol. Obviously being clumsy comes with being awesome, duh! XO

    -Lauren Blair


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