6 Bike Must-Haves!

Monday, September 15, 2014

1. Helmet: Oh my gosh, I think I'm the only one who wears a helmet at Kent. Helmets are usually weird and often kind of...ugly. But not my Nutcase Helmet! I have a pink one with a retro design on it, but this polka dot number was a close second. College is expensive, protect your investment :)

2. Bike Lock. Some people happen to spend their spare time stealing bicycles. Lock it up.

3. Dutch Style Bicycles make wearing dresses on bikes doable. I really don't like flashing people, and a step-thru bike would make me feel a little less nervous about that. This 7 gear from PUBLIC is on my wishlist!

4. A cute bell.

5. A pretty dress, because obviously you're super adorable and you wear dresses on bikes. Plus, this one has apples on it!

6. Lotta From Stockholm Clogs! Comfy to walk in, definitely comfy to ride in. Great with socks & tights for fall, too :)


  1. I'm guilty of not wearing a helmet, but if I had one as adorable as that polka dot one, I'd wear it for sure! And that dress is so so adorable. I could definitely see you rocking it (:

    1. I didn't wear one until this year actually, because my physician got into an accident on the bike trail and had to close down his practice because of his brain damage...super sad..so I was like..ok I need a helmet but not an ugly one, haha.

  2. I love this all. I would like it all please. Seriously, my boyfriend got me a bike this summer and I need a helmet that one has to be the cutest around. I want some clogs badly!

    1. aww I so want to see your bike now! nutcase helmets are the best--and they aren't too pricey!

  3. Aw, so cute! I love the helmet. It's true, you need to protect your investment. Lol.


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