Monday, November 17, 2014

One Last Day

I can say, without a doubt, I definitely missed out on the fall season and shooting outfit pics because of my blogging break. This past Saturday was probably..maybe...the last nice day of fall here. Northeast Ohio is currently under a winter weather advisory until tomorrow afternoon. How quickly(and without warning- or maybe I just don't watch the weather channel enough) the season changed on us. I know there is a specific day when winter officially begins, but for me, winter begins the moment the snow sticks and I have to dig out the snow brush from the car trunk. Hopefully the snow lays it on thick tonight, maybe my statistics exam will be cancelled tomorrow! *fingers crossed*

Outfit Details// Beanie: Forever21// Glasses: Derek Cardigan (similar- on sale)// Dress: Umgee Plus*// Skirt (layered under dress): Torrid// Tights: Target// Boots: Target (similar)
PS- I want to wish a very happy birthday to my boyfriend, Josh. 27 never looked so good ;)

Friday, November 14, 2014

Catching Up

Well here we are, it's officially week 12 of the fall semester. You guys, I'm mentally exhausted. This has been one of the hardest semesters ever and I'm only taking three classes (2 of which are math-based). College is such a drag sometimes...
So enough complaining, let's just catch up?
A few weekends ago, I stayed with my friend Liana down in Pittsburgh and we saw Jason Mraz for the 4th time. Yes, we are best friends with him... in case you were wondering.
I celebrated my 5th anniversary with my main squeeze, Josh, on Oct 16. Love is so much better/different/interesting now vs. 5 years ago.
I got an A on one of my statistics test. This should be a life milestone, haha!
So since it's fall approaching winter...layering with jewel tones has been my go-to. 1- because it's fast, 2- because it looks complicated (like I didn't wake up 10 minutes before I left) but it's SO easy. Here, I have my emerald green sweater layered over a polka dot cardigan and my DIY scarf with some riding pants and booties to top it all off. My main concern with fashion right now is keeping warm. Bless the ladies who are still wearing shorts with tights and t-shirts. I'll take the 16 layers over freezing anyday ;)


Outfit Details// Glasses: Keiko Lynn for BonLook // Scarf: DIY letters, but scarf is from Target// Sweater: Umgee Plus* // Cardigan (layered under sweater): Target// Riding Pants: JCP// Booties: ModCloth