Thursday, January 21, 2016

Hi friends! A few weeks ago I decided to purchase for the very first time from Wet Seal's Plus Size line. I love their selection of clothing and I had a reallllly hard time choosing what I wanted, but I ended up with a pair of leggings, pants, a dress (obviously) and a top. Here is my full review and if you like watching videos, I made a review+try on video that is at the bottom of this post!
(disclaimer: all images are directly from wetseal.com and are not my own)

I absolutely love these leggings! This is my first galaxy print "thing" ever and I love the vibrancy of the color on these. I purchased a size 3X and they are true to size. They do not say "Wet Seal" on the tag, however the brand is "Inspired Hearts", which is another junior clothing brand. On their site, the description says capri length, but as you can tell, on the model (and me at 5'6") they hit the ankle, which I really enjoy. Last, I really like that the pattern is consistent throughout the entire garment when wearing, no "stretched" looking around the thighs or hip area like some other printed leggings.

The structure and design of this tank is super cute. I ordered a 3X in this tank and for me, it ran small. On the model it seems as if it's meant to fit loosely, and while I can definitely get away with wearing it as a form-fitting piece, I wish the sizing was more consistent here. The golden zipper detail is amazing, as you can really transform the way it looks on you with how much or little you zip it. There are some really cute slits on either side of the tank which don't go up too high and I really love that look. It adds a little sexy factor to a simple ribbed tank! 

I love a good ankle pant and when I saw these, I knew I'd have to go for them. I ordered a size 3X and again, they ran a little small despite what the measurement chart said. The reviews on this piece also mostly said they ran small, so I'd definitely size up if you're able to! The tag says "Zenobia", which is a wholesale fashion house in LA (maybe that's why the inconsistency in sizing?) 
On the bright side, they still do fit because of the stretchy waistband. I also LOVE the fabric on these and I know many of the plus-sized gals will, too. The fabric is the Ponte Rayon/Spandex/Nylon blend and it really creates a great silhouette. They go down to my ankles and don't bunch up like others can so if you're around my height (5'6"), these would be perfect to tuck into boots for the winter or wear with a nice heel for spring/fall.

This is definitely my favorite purchase from them. THIS DRESS THOUGH?!!!! omg. I can't say enough. I love the neckline detail and how it comes up to the neck. It adds an elegance that most designers overlook with the crisscross neckline. The sleeves have a bell shape to them which is totally transports you back to the '70s. AND the dress could fit well over a 3X (according to Wet Seal Plus's size chart). At a size 20 US, I can safely say this dress would fit up to a 24 (which is what we all want, right?!! more sizes!!!!). The only drawback to this dress is the fabric is on the thin side. It is super soft, but thin, so I'm going to be extra careful with the care instructions. I can't wait to wear this for a dinner date with my boyfriend!


I would definitely buy from Wet Seal Plus again. I believe the quality of the clothes in correlation with the prices. They run a lot of sales on their site so definitely take advantage of that plus free shipping! If you're going to buy pants, I would recommend finding a store in your area that offers the plus-size line in-store so you can try them on. The sizing chart to the clothing is moderately consistent, which I would always recommend e-mailing them to clear up any size questions. I hope Wet Seal + will offer more sizes in the VERY near future, because plus sized fashion does not stop at a size 3X and everyone deserves to be able to shop for their size. 

Here is my video review + try on. I hope you enjoy! Please subscribe to my channel and let me know if you have any other plus-size style/beauty/body positive video requests!

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