Tuesday, March 8, 2016

I've been looking for a new place to get my hair cut & colored, a year. I recently went to Skullz Salon in Kent, OH and had my hair chopped off! I feel kinda naked, honestly. I always go through stages of growing my hair and then cutting it all off to start fresh, but I'm really loving the bob my stylist gave me. Are you guys as picky as I am about who does your hair? I think I found "the one"! I have another appt. scheduled Wednesday to get it colored lighter! 

PS- Shout out to my girl, Macey, for taking these pics of me. She's a fellow fashion merchandising student like me, and she just started her sassy blog here. Please go check it out and say hey! 

Missed some videos? I uploaded two new videos last week. I did a review and lookbook of the GabiFreshxSwimSexy line! Check it out and subscribe below!

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  1. I saw the video where you were taking these pics! Your hair looks great! I am choosey too, especially when I have longer hair (like now) and don't want a stylist that is scissor happy. I grow it long and start fresh every so often too, but I'm planning on keeping my hair long for a while in exchange for getting crazier with it in a year or two :) Love the denim jumper and the SHOES you paired with it!!! XO


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