Denim Days

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Last week I picked up this dress on clearance from Old Navy and couldn't wait to wear it! Denim is really having a moment in my life (and the fashion world) and I am drawn to anything denim- skirts, dresses, jackets. I have never seen a denim swing dress and I was reluctant to even try it on in an XXL at Old Navy, because usually their button up stuff doesn't fit over my hips. Surprise! It did. 
When it doubt ( or even if you just really, really like it), try that sh!@ on! 
You never know! 
As a plus-sized lady who thrifts frequently, I've learned that size is really just a number. Regardless if it looks way too small or way too big, you should try it on! I've found so many unexpected goodies in "straight sizes" or even straight size stores that fit well. It's all about the fit. Not about the size.

Style Tip: Pair interesting socks with shoes for spring and let lace or mesh peep out! It's one of my favorite ways to update a good shoe!

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